Beyond our extrusion capabilities, we guide our customers through the entire life cycle of their products: from initial concept & design to alloy selection; followed by prototyping and production. We also advise our customers on post extrusion processes such as machining, forming, and coatings.


Mag Specialties has experience extruding over 9000 shapes in over 20 different magnesium alloys. We offer magnesium extrusions in a variety of standard alloys and forms as well as many special shapes and alloys tailored to our customer's requirements.


Mag Specialties provides magnesium products with a wide range of applications—ranging from corrosion protection of water heater tanks and underground structures to aerospace, automotive and defense applications. In each industry we serve, we strive towards a preferred supplier status through continuous improvement and a spirit of long-term business partnership.

Case Studies

Case studies in a variety of industries demonstrate Mag Specialties' solution-driven commitment and highlight solutions delivered to a variety of customers.
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